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Local Secondary Index

DynamoDB: adding a Local covering index to reduce the cost

By Franck Pachot

This is a continuation on the previous post on DynamoDB: adding a Global Covering Index to reduce the cost. I have a DynamoDB partitioned on “MyKeyPart”,”MyKeySort” and I have many queries that retrieve a small “MyIndo001” attribute. And less frequent ones needing the large “MyData001” attribute. I have created a Global Secondary Index (GSI) that covers the same key and this small attribute. Now, because the index is prefixed by the partition key, I can create a Local Secondary Index (LSI) to do the same. But there are many limitations. The first one is that I cannot add a local index afterwards. I need to define it at the table creation.

Drop table

Here I am in a lab so that I can drop and re-create the table. In real live you may have to create a new one, copy the items, synchronize it (DynamoDB Stream),…