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MariaDB Galera Cluster backup recovery docker container

How can Docker help a MariaDB cluster for Disaster/Recovery

Mistakes or accidental data deletions can sometimes happen on a productive MariaDB Galera Cluster and this can be disastrous.
There are so many cases I have heard by customers and hereafter are some of the most common:
– dropping one column of a table
– dropping one table
– updating a big table without a where clause
What if it was possible to restore online a subset of data without downtime?

Restoring & recovering using either mysqldump or mariabackup is not satisfying when you have just to recover a subset of data.
In both case, there will be a downtime and it will be a very long process.
– with mysqldump: you will have first to stop the application, restore the latest Full backup and then apply all the binary logs until the guilty command.