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Oracle DB on Azure with Multitenant Option

By Franck Pachot

If you want to run an Oracle Database in the Microsoft Azure cloud, you will install it yourself on a VM. And then, you can expect the same as when you install it in your premises, in a virtual environment. Except that Oracle makes it two times more expensive by accepting to license the processor metric on vCPUs at the condition that the Intel core factor is not applied. And in addition to that there is a weird limitation on multitenant. I create a VM with the 19c image provided by Azure. I’m not sure there’s a big advantage to have this image. You have an Oracle Linux OS, with all prerequisites (which is like having installed the preinstall rpm), and a 19.3 Oracle Home (which is like downloading it, unzip and runInstaller). But you will still have to apply the latest Release Update and create a database.

Oracle disables your multitenant option when you run on EC2

I have installed Oracle 19.6 on an EC2 for our Multitenant Workshop training. And of course, during the workshop we create a lot of PDBs. If you don’t have paid for the Enterprise Edition plus the Multitenant Option you can create at most 3 pluggable database. But with this option you can create up to 252 pluggable databases. Does it worth the price, which according to the public price list is USD 47,500 + 17,500 per processor, which means per-core because Oracle doesn’t count the core factor when your Intel processors are in AWS Cloud (according to the Authorized Cloud Environments paper)?