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Oracle database developer choice awards

I've been selected as a finalist in the 2015 Oracle Database Developer Choice Awards...! September 2015

Working with long columns

Various techniques for querying and manipulating long columns. July 2010 (updated March 2012)

Improving performance with pipelined table functions

Using pipelined functions as a performance tuning tool. January 2010

Method 4 dynamic sql in pl/sql

Using ANYDATASET and pipelined functions to achieve native Method 4 Dynamic SQL. August 2007

Overcoming the limitations of set row

Techniques to avoid superfluous updates with SET ROW. June 2007

Flexible pipelined functions

Combining pipelined functions, polymorphism and multi-table inserts. August 2007

Tuning pl/sql file i/o

Various techniques for unloading data to flat-file faster. February 2008

Pipelined function issues

A few "gotchas" to be aware of when using pipelined functions. September 2007 (updated May 2008)

Returning with

A workaround to the unsupported INSERT..SELECT..RETURNING construct. August 2005 (updated May 2009)

Pl/sql functions and cbo costing

Associating statistics with PL/SQL functions for greater CBO accuracy. June 2009