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Happy Christmas/Holiday

Just a quick post to say happy Christmas to those that celebrate it.

To everyone else, happy holiday. Of course, if you don’t have a holiday this time of year I guess it’s just happy now. :)



Return Of The Mack…

On my final day in Bulgaria I managed to leave my coat, hat and gloves in a restaurant about 2 hours away from Sofia. I realized when we were about 30 minutes from Sofia, but thought it was no point saying anything because we didn’t have time to go back and get them. When we arrived at the hotel someone else noticed I wasn’t wearing a coat and I explained my foolishness and thought no more of it.

A few days after I got home I got an email from Milena Gerova to say the coat had been located and she was going to post it back to me. A man in a van delivered it this morning, hence the title of the post, “Return of the mack”. Thanks very much Milena. :)

Up the Villa…

I had a bit of good news the other day. Nephew #2 (6 years old) is now playing for Aston Villa Academy. He’s quite small for his age and he trialed with a group of boys a year older than him, so my brother said he looked tiny and the kit they gave him was gigantic on him. He’s used to playing with Nephew #1, who’s just turned 10, so playing with bigger kids doesn’t phase him and he’s a bit more cocky than Nephew #1, which they seem to like at these places. Anyway, at the end of the session they said they want him. They are not allowed to sign exclusively until they are 8 years old, so he can keep playing for Wolverhampton Wanderers Academy and Telford.

So now I have to support:

WordPress 3.3 Released…

WordPress 3.3 is now live and ready for download.

The automatic upgrade was as smooth as ever. A couple of themes needed to be upgraded too. The menus are a little different and there is now a new persistent dashboard header, but it all seems like business as usual for the casual blogger like me.



More Hosting Provider Fallout…

I posted a rant about my hosting provider about 10 days ago. As I mentioned in the post, I quickly got the site up and running again. Pretty soon after that I was at the UKOUG conference and Cary Millsap‘s training course, so I never really got time to look at things again…

On Thursday evening I took a proper look at the site and OMG, what a mess. Here are some of the issues I’ve been firefighting since Thursday…

UltraEdit 2.3 For Linux…

UltraEdit 2.3 has just been released for Linux. It now has a Fedora 16 build, which is nice. :)



Fasthosts : Your technical support isn’t technical or supportive..

The first draft of this post was rather explosive, containing many expletives and could probably have landed me in jail on some trumped up charges. This is the more moderate version.

To cut a long and boring story short, I made a change to my hosting package today, which suggested it was an administrative change, rather than something physical. The fact it transferred my whole site to another server is annoying, but if I had bothered to read the 3000 pages of T&Cs it would probably have become obvious.

DV8: Can we talk about this?

One of my friends is a drama teacher, so every once in a while I get invited to see productions that are touring locally. Last night I went to see some physical theatre by a company called DV8. The show was called “Can we talk about this?” and was about “freedom of speech, censorship and Islam”. I’m not a political or religious person, so the subject matter was not something I’m really into. Actually, I didn’t even know what the production was about before it started. If I had I would probably have thought, “sounds too heavy”, and avoided it. Added to that, I’m not really an arty kind of guy, so I guess these facts make me about the worst possible person to sit in a show like this. So what did I think?

Browser Stats…

Website stats are an odd thing. If you look at them too often and you start to think they matter, which is why I avoid looking at them for months on end. :)

I’ve seen a couple of browser share articles recently, so I decided to check out the spread for my website ( The top 3 were a little predictable.

On the 14th March 2011, the numbers were:

Gmail New Look: Trying not to be a hater…

The Gmail new look was rolled out while I was on the road, so it’s taken until now for me to really take a good look at it. Let me start by saying I’m not a total hater, but there are some things that do not seem like an improvement to me.