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Running Unix Shell Scripts from the PeopleSoft Process Scheduler

It is nearly 10 years since I first wrote about how to call Unix shell scripts from the Process Scheduler.  Although very little has changed, I have had a number of questions recently, so I thought it was time I checked the script and updated the posting.  I have used PeopleTools 8.54 in the preparation of this note.
The Process Scheduler is essentially just a mechanism for initiating processes on another server.  Mostly those are other PeopleSoft delivered executables.  The exception is the Application Engine Tuxedo Server process (PSAESRV) where the Process Scheduler submits a service request message that is picked up by one of the server processes that are already running.

Translate hex into ascii

$ 5458 
T X 

ie in HEX, the string "TX" is 5458 

like wise you can pipe an Oracle Trace file with HEX dumps in it and get some interesting output 
$ cat ora_88008.trc |