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Oracle 12c SQL – Using JSON

JSON Is Part of Oracle 12c

One of the more-exciting features (at least to me) of Oracle 12c is the support for JSON now built into the database.

What is JSON?
JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a language-independent open data format (see for more). JSON stores text in name-value pairs. Originally usedin JavaScript, JSON is now also in: Java, R, .NET, PHP, Python, Node.js, and Oracle. JSON is most-often used for data interchange but is frequently used to pass data to and from REST-style web services. Increasingly JSON is becoming favored for big-data persistence.

Cloud Perspective: Cool New Stuff or Same Old Stuff ?

Is “The Cloud” Cool New Stuff or is it the Same Old Stuff ?

Cloud is upon us! Everywhere you turn vendors are offering cloud solutions promising (once-again) a single solution to solve the ills of our IT organizations.

Bah! Some naysayers say “this is just the same-old, same-old, we’ve been doing the cloud for years” – hmmmm is this really true?

Another Pretty UI – Poor UX Story

Last week my wife and I experienced yet another case of someone creating a really nice UI but designing a lousy User Experience.

Open Source is Free – Free like a puppy!

I’m at the ODTUG Kscope conference in Hollywood Florida and was just talking with some Oracle folks about Open Source (yes, Oracle has people devoted to working with Open Source tools) and I shared with them my general comments to students and colleagues about Open Source.

There are two kinds of free:

1. Here’s a free cup of coffee (or beer or soda…)

2. Here’s a free puppy

When accepting option 1 (free coffee) you take it, consume it, and enjoy.

When accepting option 2 (free puppy) you take it, you find a place for it to sleep, you take it to the vet, you walk the puppy, you feed the puppy, and oh-yeah — every once in a while the puppy might make a mess on your floor! You’ve made a commitment.
(I cannot take credit for the metaphor; I first heard it used by friend and colleague Jim Cody of Cardinal Directions – thanks Jim!)

Clearly, “free” is not always “completely free”

Mobile Front and Center at Oracle Open World 2014

Wow! Sorry I have not posted anything since Oracle Open World. Lot’s of great new stuff is coming from Oracle that you should look into including some pretty cool stuff for mobile development.

UKOUG 2011

The UKOUG Technology conference in Birmingham was yet another great showcase of Oracle knowledge sharing and networking. The weather was surprisingly good for that time of year in Birmingham, though, the conference kept me so busy that I rarely had a chance to walk the streets. I had the opportunity to hear a presentation by and then speak with Bryn Llewellyn from Oracle; I’ve subsequently improved (I hope) my paper on Edition Based Redefinition; I’ll be presenting a new and improved version at Collaborate in Las Vegas this spring. Another highlight was watching a team of Oracle Middleware experts from Holland work to create a replacement conference registration system in a four-hour session using Oracle SOA, BPEL, ADF, and other middleware tools. What a demonstration of flexibility and capability!

ODTUG KScope 11 is coming, YIPPEE!

I’m looking forward to ODTUG KScope 11 in Long Beach next month! KScope 11 (used to be called “Kaleidoscope”) is the only Oracle conference devoted to developers. That’s right, it’s aimed square at you and me; the people who write code that makes systems work. Yes, we get Applications “Functional” people and DBAs, but the focus is on getting the job done. KScope has whole tracks for ADF and Fusion Middleware, APEX, database development with SQL & PL/SQL, MySQL, and Hyperion/Essbase. KScope 11 has sessions for .NET developers, Java developers, and people using LAMP tools too; check it out at You might know that I’m on the ODTUG (Oracle Development Tools User Group) Board of Directors ( You might not know that I’ve been attending ODTUG since it was the “CASE SIG” at IOUW many years ago. I started attending because the people who speak at the conference are the leading lights in the development community.