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DML error logging redux

I posted a nice little feature of DML error logging recently, and a comment came in mentioned that caution is needed with DML error logging because the errors are logged persistently. Hence if you ran a load multiple times, or multiple sessions were utilizing the facility, then the error logging table can quickly become a soup of data that cannot be tracked back to the code your own session was running.

By default this is true, which we can see with a trivial demo. I’ll do the same load of bad rows twice and “forget” to clear out my error table. Here’s my setup – we have a target table called TGT which has rules on nulls and integers being positive, and a source table SRC which has some data that will violate those rules when it comes to loading the data.

Grab all the DDL

I posted a video a couple of days ago showing a trigger mechanism to customize the capture of DDL that is issued on your database. The aim here is to be more generous with letting developers execute DDL on their Development databases, whilst still having a thorough record of the changes that are occurring. Of course, it goes without saying, which is why I am saying it </p />

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