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Related-Combine Operation „UNION ALL (RECURSIVE WITH)“

To make easier the interpretation of execution plans, in chapter 6 of TOP I defined three types of operations: standalone operations, unrelated-combine operations, and related-combine operations. For combine operations I also added a list of all operations of each type. Since in 11.2 a new related-combine operation is available, I decided to write this short [...]

Ad: Optimizing Oracle Performance Seminar in Berlin

In one month I will be in Berlin presenting a two-day seminar based on the chapters 1, 2, 8, 9, 10 and 11 of my book. The event is organized by DOAG. You can read the full description of the seminar (incl. agenda) here. Just be careful that the spoken language will be German (slides [...]

Chinese Edition of TOP Available!

Few weeks ago the Chinese Edition of my book, Troubleshooting Oracle Performance, was published by China-Pub! Honestly, this is something I did not expect when publishing the book.
Even though I still have to touch one of them myself, let me spend few words about it…
I still remember when I saw for the first time part [...]