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nVision Performance Tuning: 6. Logging Selector Usage

This blog post is part of a series that discusses how to get optimal performance from PeopleSoft nVision reporting as used in General Ledger.

Static selectors are tracked by entries in the PSTREESELCTL table.  It is maintained after the tree is extracted to the selector table.  The version number on PSTREESELCTL is compared with the corresponding version number on the PSTREEDEFN to determine whether the extract of the tree to the selector table is still valid, or whether it needs to be reextracted because the tree has been updated.  Selectors that do not have an entry in PSTREESELCTL are therefore dynamic.

Enabling Oracle Extended SQL Trace by Module and Action

I have written previously about the value of assigning meaningful values to the module and action attributes on a database session (see Using Oracle Enterprise Manager (Grid Control) with PeopleSoft). Oracle added instrumentation to PeopleTools 8.50 (see PeopleTools 8.50 uses DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO to Identify Database Sessions) that sets module and action for on-line and batch sessions.  However, I still use my own trigger to set these attributes for processes initiated by the Process Scheduler.