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Big Data News from Oracle OpenWorld 2013

Only a week after Oracle OpenWorld concluded and I already feel like I’m hopelessly behind on posting news and impressions. Behind or not, I have news to share!

The most prominent feature announced at OpenWorld is the “In-Memory Option”  for Oracle Database 12c.  This option is essentially a new part of the SGA that caches tables in column formats. This is expected to make data warehouse queries significantly faster and more efficient. I would have described the feature in more details, but Jonathan Lewis gave a better overview in this forum discussion, so just go read his post.

Why am I excited about a feature that has nothing to do with Hadoop?

Popularity vs Productivity vs Performance







My Oracle OpenWorld 2013 Presentations

Oracle OpenWorld was fantastic, as usual. The best show in San Francisco. This is the seventh year in a row that I’m attending – 3 times as HP employee, 3 times as Pythian employee, and now as a Clouderan. My life changes, but the event and people are always fantastic.

There will be a separate blogpost about what I learned at the event, new exciting products and my thoughts of them. But first, let me follow up on what I taught.

Thoughts from OpenWorld


The amazing coordination of so many things:
- feeding 60,000 delegates goes off without a hitch.  The food is not spectacular, but its also not terrible. 

- the Ace program.  Flights, hotels, transport, etc, all miraculously fall into place due to the effort of Vikki and Lillian.

San Francisco
- What an amazing place to host a conference for out-of-towners.  Cable cars, seals, amazing food, fantastic weather, all are wonderful complements to the conference itself.
- Restaurants you should go to when you’re here: Franciscan Crab on the waterfront, and the Stinking Rose.
- As much as I’m not a sailor, I must admit, the last America’s Cup race was quite exciting.  For some people, it was VERY exciting (see MIA below) :-)

Reboot! (I’m back!)

I’m embarrassed to see how long I’ve been neglecting this blog.

Today was the closing of Oracle Openworld 2013. I’ve just returned to my hotel from the It’s a Wrap party and a quick dinner. I’ll be spending the weekend in the San Francisco area, back home on Sunday, and back to work on Monday.

I’ve got some blogging ideas, starting with some work I’ve been doing w/ OpenLDAP, so, that’s probably where I’ll start. I should have part one of that series up by next weekend.

Until then, I wish safe travels to my friends returning home from OOW.


Oracle Open World 2013 – Finis!

Well, it’s the final day of Oracle Opens World 2013; I had one good day of sessions (Tuesday) and one partial day (Thursday/today). The last session I attended was a really excellent session on SQL tuning by Connor McDonald. My session on “Oracle 12c New Features for Developers” was full and we had lots of questions. I still have not done a good job of performance-testing the new features; look for more information from me in the near future.

On the lighter-side I truly enjoyed the Maroon Five concert last night; it was worth the traffic jams along the way. We wimped-out early and left a couple of songs into the Black Keys set.

So, what have I learned this week?

Oracle Open World 2013 – Entering the Home Stretch

I just stood on a street corner with a thousand or so people watching the America’s Cup final, congratulations to Team Oracle!

Oaktable World give aways Day 2

Thanks to a generous gift from Apress, every 10th arrival tomorrow to Oaktable World will win a copy of

Pro Oracle Database 12c Administration

by  Darl Kuhn



schedule for Oaktable WOrld Day 2

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 2.47.27 PM