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Enterprise Performance Tuning in the Age of Agile Data

The new Oracle Scene magazine is out. Checkout pages 48-50 for an article by  me.

views in 12c

Observed an interesting idiosyncracy in the creation of views in 12c (this is in a pluggable database, but not confirmed whether this is related or not).  This database was upgraded from 11.2 without incident…until we came to replace one of the existing views.

SQL> create or replace
3 as select * from other_schema.account;
ERROR at line 3:
ORA-01720: grant option does not exist for 'OTHER_SCHEMA.ACCOUNT'

Now that struck us as odd, because this was a script from our source code control repository, which had no previous entries about grants for the OTHER_SCHEMA.ACCOUNT table.  So then I tried this:

SQL> create or replace
3 as select * from other_schema.account;

View created.

so there doesn’t appear to be the need for the grant option.  Similarly, dropping the original view also solves the problem.

Oracle Cross Platform Provisioning: Magic from the Mess

Linux is taking over the workloads from the shrinking market share of

Delphix 4.0 released ! The Modernization Engine

Delphix is amazing technology. I’ve been at Delphix for almost 4 years. The first year I was at Delphix was the first year Delphix was released on the market. Even from that first release Delphix revolutionized how we managed and think about data. Data goes from an onerous massive burden to instead a  fast, easy,  powerful resource. As one customer put it data goes from being your enemy to being your friend (and a powerful one at that).

Gartner & Delphix : DELIVER APPLICATIONS with better, faster data

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 12.21.07 PM

Orignal PDF for this content available here.

cache buffer chains latch

After a Tanel Poder pointed out to me that someone had blogged my article verbatim, which I don’t really care about, but they had copied the article verbatim without crediting me, which I do care about, I decided I’d just re-blog this. The article is best formatted at link:


Outer Joins : which side does the (+) go on

Bobby Durrett just put together a great little post on “outer joins : where do I put the (+)“.

I also have hard time remembering, and below is my cheat sheet using graphics.

If English and French both have a unique key on the “ordinal_id” then it’s basically one-to-one relationship

We add an arrow in the middle of the line to denote “outer join”. The arrow points from the table that drives the join, ie all the rows in the table pointed from are returned even if a match isn’t found in the table pointed to.

Managing database dependent development

Application developers frequently experiment to achieve higher quality builds, they try things out, make mistakes and find fixes. Database design can be like that too, but rapidly changing the schema in traditional shared environment tends to break the application.

In this webinar, Kyle Hailey will explore how different types of cloning technology work and their benefits and limitations. The webinar will also demonstrate how you can setup and coordinate risk-free database experiments using Delphix and Red Gate’s Oracle tools.

Kyle Hailey and James Murtagh

Pure Storage and Delphix


Joint webinar:

Super Charge Database Deployments



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