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Temporary note

I’ve just added a link to Graham Wood’s presentation about ASH (v$active_session_history) to my catalogue of Statspack Examples. I’ve also added a link to the “Partition Stats” catalogue pointing to Doug Burn’s latest blog; I’ve also added a permanent entry for partitions to the “Special Links” menu on the right. This note will be deleted [...]

DW Introduction

Greg Rahn has been writing a short series on “Core Performance Fundamentals of Oracle Data Warehousing”. Here’s his catalogue of the first four or five articles in the series.

New Features, New Defaults, New Side-Effects

11.2 provides a new feature, deferred segment creation, which is the default for Enterprise Edition databases, whilst this feature is rather nice in some restricted circumstances, there are a couple of side effects which may catch the unwary and in some cases make previously valid operations significantly more difficult.

An improved OakTable web site

Today the new OakTable web site,, has been published: many thanks to Kurt Van Meerbeeck (that I'm told worked the most on the site), James Morle and Marco Gralike!

I really like (besides the light and modern look) the aggregator of the OakTable members' blogs - a window on high-quality news and investigations about Oracle ...


That’s the Oak Table Network, not the other OTN. We have a new website which, amongst other things,  includes a convenient blog aggregator that will include the blogs of all Oak Table members. I’ll probably be taking all the Oak table members off my blog roll some time soon since I’ve found it very convenient to [...]

Viewing Figures

Although I wasn’t convinced by the 25,000,000 view figures I reported last week, I’m inclined to trust my page view counter which is currently showing a little of 1,500,000 page views; and, as I have in the past, I thought I would produce a summary of what’s been of most interest to visitors: If we [...]


No, not active session history – but the volcanic stuff that’s drifting through the skies and keeping me in Denmark after Miracle Open World 2010. I’m feeling a little lucky at present (compared to the other visiting speakers – especially the American contingent). My flight home on Friday was postponed then cancelled, but my diary [...]

Predicate (again)

I often make a fuss about making sure that people include the predicate section when looking at execution plans. Here’s another example demonstrating why it can be so helpful. We start with an SQL statement that happens to have a large number of child cursors – and every child cursor has exactly the same plan_hash_value [...]

Analysing Statspack 12

[Back to part 11] Part 12 is about a 2-node RAC system.  Someone recently posted links to a matched pair of AWR reports in this thread on the OTN Database General forum and, after I had made a couple of quick comments on them, gave me permission to use them on my blog. Because OTN [...]

Call for Papers

The call for papers  for the  Tech Server and E-Business event in the UKOUG Conference Series is only a couple of weeks from closing, so I’m just bouncing this email to the top of the pile: Once again we are launching call for papers for the annual Technology & E-Business Suite user group conference. This [...]