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Distributed Oracle Buffer Cache

If you’ve read EnterpriseDB’s latest press release, you’ll notice a new feature called Infinite Cache.  While it may sound revolutionary, it is not a new technology.  In fact, it was done for MySQL quite awhile ago under the Waffle Grid project. While I consider this type of caching relatively simple, I don’t want Oracle to be left out.  As […]

Oracle Interface for Google Visualization API (external data source interface)

I have been looking for a while at the Google Visualization API and finally found a way to produce the required JSON to produce any graphs directly and indirectly from Oracle database. I will make a white paper available on how to do this. Checkout this link: The procedure handles the SQL that the Google API uses (not for all functionality yet (pivot, offset, format are not yet supported).

More on this later.


This error showed in a trace file (udump) and caused all kind of strange errors in the user application at a customer where I was working. A quick search on metalink pointed me to Doc ID 601709.1 titled “What does the message PROTCOL VIOLATION DETECTED mean in the trace files”.  The message seems to be related to bug 4669305 (which is not published by Oracle Support), but it moved me into the direction of ora-600[12333] and ora-3106. There I found as simple test case where some one in SQL*Plus had a reproducable case: select 1 from dual where rownum < ###. This caused the message to show in the trace file and complain about the bind variable value ‘###’. That looked funny as this was not a bind variable, but ofcourse the database had CURSOR_SHARING set to similar or to force. My customer had CURSOR_SHARING set to similar.

Advanced Query Optimization Question

Having now had a couple days to rest and reflect, I can definitively say that SEOUC was great.  I’m really glad I attended, was able to meet a lot of new people, and have some good discussions about problems people faced both technically and given the current economy.  I was also able to get some […]

Carl Backstrom

A very quick note – there’s a very long one on Streams coming, with real code and everything, to say that Carl Backstrom’s family have updated his blog with details of how to give in memoriam to this most excellent technologist and evangelist. Go here and donate appropriately please.

Scottish Oracle Conference

I recently spent a rather pleasant day at the scottish conference of the ukoug. This was held at the Radisson SAS Hotel just by the central rail station and split into a number of streams, from management through to dba. The organisation of the event was excellent, particularly given the fact that some of the [...]

Application Express and E-Business Suite 11i.

I’m just starting an installation of Oracle APEX 3.1.1 into one of our development ebs instances for 2 reasons.

To provide a small applet to a project team
To provide the infrastructure for the dbas to write their own little applets.

I chose this method for the following reasons (unordered)

it’s fairly cool
we know pl/sql much better than java
we [...]

Planning for Birmingham….

Or should I say ‘Brum’?

Well, I’ve just been notified that one of my abstract submissions, “Introduction to Locks and Enqueues”, has been accepted by the UKOUG for the 2008 Annual Conference, coming up in December.  I’m really looking forward to it.  This will be my 4th year attending.  It’s also the first year the conference will be expanded to a full 5-day week.  There’s bound to be a ton of great material.  I have to say, even for someone coming from overseas, this conference is well worth your time and money.

See you in Birmingham, er, Brum!


A good day today. I was privileged enough to be at the paper selection day for the UKOUG conference in December 2008. For those who don’t know what happens, and perhaps suspect some sort of elite giving themselves presentation slots, here is roughly how it works. 
Firstly a reasonably large group of reviewers from around the world, [...]

hope for the future

So there I was this morning sitting on the tube (UK underground rail system) when a young student got on an sat down beside me. Obviously being both English and a commuter I couldn’t possibly speak to her!, but I did sneak a look at what she was reading. These turned out to be the notes she had made on her course that she was now going over presumably in preparation for exams. The notes this morning were on normal forms, entity relationship and data modelling. 
So there we go, a young female student of IT would be pretty good in itself, the fact that she was studying relational theory was the icing on the cake. There is hope ladies and gentlemen, there is hope.