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Where in the World is Goth Geek Girl, Week 41

So now that I’m finished just taking it easy, playing hooky from Oracle Open World and Oak Table World…uh, yeah….

Driving for Change- Women of Oracle

Somehow I’ve made it a pastime of pointing out how many times women are passed up for recognition while men are promoted around them. Its not that the men were identified as better or worse than women, but just about how heavily we scrutinize and limit women while everyone else passes them by. Now I’m going to ask the Oracle folks to not take this personally, but hopefully take it as a call to arms, but I know how we love to shoot the messenger.  Hopefully you already know that I will have no qualms about deleting abusive or threatening comments to this post, so please think twice before doing and really think on what I’m posting here.

Oracle’s Safra Catz and Trump’s Transition Team

I receive about 20-30 messages a week from women in the industry.  I take my role in the Oracle community as a role model for women in technology quite seriously and I’ve somehow ended up speaking up a number of times, upon request from different groups.

Girls Develop It Weekend Adventures- Intro to Javascript

Even though I didn’t have the “official” prerequisite classes of HTML and CSS for the JavaScript class offered by sister Meetup group, Girls Develop it, I decided on Friday that I wanted to take the weekend class and signed up.

RMOUG’s Movie Night and WIT Panel

Last night I attended our RMOUG WIT’s movie night.  We partnered with Regis and the choice in movie has received a lot of great reviews, titled, Code-  Debugging the Gender Gap.

RMOUG’s First WIT Scholarship Winner

I’ve been running the Women in Technology, (WIT) at RMOUG, which I first started planning out in 2011, which has grown to include other user groups and even countries as its grown.  The last couple years, I’ve worked to try to add a WIT scholarship to RMOUG’s, but it wasn’t always easy to convince others that we should provide one when you are asking to choose one group over another.

Why Women Should Consider a Smartwatch

I keep having this conversation over and over, in retail stores, restaurants and other establishments- women coming up to me and asking, “Can you tell me about that watch you have on?”

It made me realize that it could be really intimidating to:

1.  Ask questions of the sales staff in most stores.

End of WIT and the Workplace Posts

This is my last WIT post on the challenges on women in the workplace.  The truth of the matter is, its just too difficult to write about what women are facing in the workplace without a large amount of risk.

WIT and Opportunities- Putting our Foot in the Door

… in any one instance the effects of [] stereotypes may be quite small- if you don’t get credit in one meeting, that’s not exactly disastrous, but over time, a little bit here and little bit there, these bias can add up and this can carry men and women into very different directions in their careers.

Give them the Friggin’ IPad

Many of you know that I’m the mother of three, very bright, “equally ADHD as their mother” children.  As I’ve been tasked with a number of interesting challenges with both RMOUG’s and ODTUG’s WIT, (Women in Technology) events, I’ve started to investigate how, no matter what we do for women today, unless we start focusing on the women of tomorrow, we are lost.
I spent some time the last couple weeks investigating the offerings by my local sch