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“Twas four nights after Christmas” and Other Reasons Not to Eat McDonalds at 11PM

I’ve been working a good number of hours this December between project/clients for Enkitec and co-author work on the EM CLI book with Seth Miller and Ray Smith, plus my additional responsibilities as the Training Days Conference Director for RMOUG’s big conference coming up in 6 weeks.  Due to all of this, going to take one more blog post off from technical and share what happens when you eat food outside of your normal diet just before going to bed…


Saturday evening we were returning home from a wonderful post-Christmas dinner at Tim’s Mother’s home.  We had quite a feast, but due to activities during the day and only a light lunch of sushi, I found myself a bit hungry again at 11pm and we stopped by McDonald’s, (only thing open in the area that late at night!) and had my second taste of McDonald’s in the time Tim and I have been together.  We arrived home and dropped, exhausted into bed for a lovely sleep while it snowed lightly outside.

In the early morning, deep in sleep, dream, dream, dream…

The cast of the TV show, West Wing has joined reality.  Here I was, accompanied by Will Bailey, (lesser known character later on in the series) who , in my dream, was running for president and my best friend, Kimberly, were walking up the “Church hill” in my childhood town of Garden, Michigan.  Why?  Will was campaigning and of course, all presidential campaigns go to a town of 240 people in the upper peninsula of Michigan to talk to voters.

We proceeded past the Catholic church my parents were married in, I was baptized in, had first communion in and for some, odd reason, headed for the small, white siding, traditional square style Baptist church across the street.  Now, even awake, I’ve never been in this church, but this is where we were heading in my dream.   I remember as a child I’d always wanted to go inside, (I still have a love of traditional and/or old churches.  They are always built with so much love and care…)  As we walked in through the front doors, the building in my dream became akin to the Tardis on Dr. Who and morphed to be large and round on the inside.

There were chairs lined up and there was some kind of circus like performance going on down the middle aisle.  Each performer was taking turns and there was even a trapeze suspended from the ceiling of the room. While standing in the back, Jay Leno, (yes, I said Jay Leno…) came up and shook hands with Will, then introduced himself to Kimberly and me.  I spent the next couple minutes explaining to Jay that we hadn’t met just once before, but twice and why couldn’t he remember, (hey, it made sense in the dream…)  Jay kept scratching his head and politely stated he couldn’t remember where we met and I became more and more insulted.   Insulted to the point that we then walked towards the door, where Ed Begley Jr. was the doorman, opened it for us and suddenly, this very, very small church that had been sitting on flat ground was now perched on a very steep set of rock carved steps and appeared to have been transformed into a large, round building.

At this point, Will and my best friend, Kimberly are no where to be seen, but I walk to the bottom of the stairs to find another West Wing character, Donna Moss,  searching for evidence in the dirt on the bottom of the rock stairs.  I remember now that I dropped an earring and kneel down to retrieve it, but instead find a ton of my jewelry just scattered about, including a number of pieces they’ve already identified and bagged as evidence.  When I ask her why she’s gathering evidence, she informs me that Will has been taken hostage and no one knows where he is.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any more of the plot, as I then woke up.  The moral of this dream?

1.  Don’t let your partner’s relatives make you “Nutty Irishmans”, (no, that is not a reference for Tim…) late at night.

2.  Don’t eat McDonald’s, especially anything off the Dollar menu, late at night.

3.  Quit watching shows on Netflix from 1st to last episode-  The shows will bury themselves into your sub-conscious.

4.  Can’t wait for the Dr. Martin dreams, those should be fantastic!






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