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2014 Year in Review

As many bloggers and sites do this time of the year, here is my review of 2014. It was a great year and it was a lot of fun, as well as educational reviewing all the data.

DBAKevlar Blog

Busiest Day on my Blog:


Posts this year:


Most popular post of 2014:  Easy EM12c Agent Deployment on Windows


Windows installations are still a huge mystery and Cygwin still frustrates a lot of people, sometimes, me included.  This post describing the easiest deployment method has continued to be my most popular post.  I admit that I’m not too thrilled that it is attained via a search engine after typing in “DBAKevlar + Easy” though… :)


If you aren’t familiar with the term, it is when someone links to one site to another.  Right now, I believe Pete Sharman owes me a beer, (or a few) for the 100’s of redirects to his site my blog generates… :)


Most individual blogger pingback: Brian Pardy. In the last 90 days, he’s referred others to my site 146 times, second is Jeff Smith with 51 times and Bobby Curtis with 46. Nice going Brian-  Could you give Pete some lessons? :D


Obviously I’ve missed my calling to be a reviewer of tech products, which can be seen by search engine overload:


I’ve known for some time that there isn’t enough data to market smartwatches to women, which is proven by the searches that bring people to my blog.  Figure it out, tech wearables… :)


This year I spoke at 11 conferences.

I did 4 joint-keynotes with my husband, Tim Gorman and an Empowerment keynote for NWOUG, for a total of FIVE keynotes in 2014.

I lead 5 Women in Technology Panels and picked up 12 new individuals to mentor from those events.  I am very impressed with all their contributions to technology and their growth in the industry!

Two Social Media sessions-  teaching folks how to use Social Media instead of the same old discussion of “you should be using”.  Looking forward to the RMOUG 2015 session with Jeff Smith coming up in February!

An IOUG Master Class at Coors Field!  This was a great event and I thoroughly enjoyed this!  Great group, great co-speakers.  It was well planned and well attended, not to mention enjoying the game after the event!

Webinar with ODTUG on the AWR Warehouse.


I’ve uploaded 19 slide decks to Slideshare.  Enterprise Manager, ASH/AWR and Women in Technology is the topic in focus and although a slide deck is a poor excuse vs. seeing a presentation, there is still a good amount of valuable data in each of the uploaded presentations.



The Enterprise Manager 12c Command Line Interface book from Apress was released!


Oracle Magazine: Making a Change

NoCOUG: Women in Tech

Oracle Scene: Database as a Service in a DBA’s World

IOUG Member Spotlight

IOUG Ask an Oracle ACE

RMOUG:  Social Media for the Techie

IOUG Select Magazine: New Features in EM12c Release 4, (with Pete Sharman)

Denver Business Journal: Not Playing it Safe

UKOUG Women in Tech Initiative

Denver Post:  TechKnowsByte

O’Reilly Press, Thanks to Steven Feuerstein:  Celebrating Ada Lovelace Day


There were a few awards through out the year-

2014 Volunteer of the Year award for RMOUG.

November 2014 Oracle Pro from Dell/Toad

The big one of course was being recognized by the Colorado Technical Association as their Women in Technology APEX Award winner for 2014.  I was in no way prepared for this, as I was sure another finalist was the definitely the one they would call on stage.  I’m told I gave a great acceptance speech, so if anyone does have it on tape, I’d love to know what I said up there.  All I remember was trying to keep my legs from shaking up at the podium… :)


Its been a pretty big year personally, too.  My oldest son, Sam moved out of the house and is on his own.  He just turned 20 and it’s difficult to believe that my oldest child was born two decades ago.  His sister Cait has recently dyed her hair a lovely shade of purple and is finishing up her senior year in high school.  My baby, Josh is now a freshman in high school and just found out that those baby blues of his will need glasses.

The biggest news of the year is that my best friend and partner in this world, Tim Gorman and I got married October 5th.  After happily traveling around the world together, working on conferences, user groups and in similar technical arenas, we are now recognized by the government as partnered, too… :)

2015 Goals

Oracle Enterprise Manager Webinars-  This has been on hold way too long and I need to get them started.  Monthly webinars on EM12c topics and interviews!

RMOUG Training Days 2015-  Yeah, I’m the Conference Director again this year and it’s shaping up to be an AMAZING conference.  I took some time to talk about some of the new items on the 2015 agenda in this post, but keep an eye out, there’s more to come!

Speaking-  I’m currently set to speak at HotSos Sym 2015, OUGN, RMOUG, IOUG Collaborate, GLOC and?  Is your conference on my list?  Let me know if I need to submit an abstract and I would love to visit a few new locations this year to spread the word about Enterprise Manager, Women in Technology and other great Oracle topics!

Another Book?  I think I owe Leighton Nelson an apology, as I still haven’t started to collect myself on a book topic he wants us to start working on….sigh…

STEM and Women Empowerment Initiatives-  I will be working with CTA and powerful women in the industry to empower and inspire those around us to build their future in technology.

Articles-  I’m in the midst of writing an article on the AWR Warehouse now and will be writing a lot of articles for 2015.  I look forward to showing folks how much the Enterprise Manager 12c product can do and how much they have to look forward to in upcoming releases!





Well, it’s been a blast of a year and to close, I wish everyone a Happy New Year and a great 2015!


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