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The 2019 Year in Review

It’s that time of year where everyone is doing a “Year in Review” post and why not? 300w, 768w, 1203w" sizes="(max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px" />

It’s good to gain perspective, plan for 2020 and celebrate all that was wonderful about 2019, (outside of politics, that was an utter failure on all fronts, pretty much most countries… :))

The DBAKevlar blog:

  • 46 published posts for 2019
  • Over 800 posts on the site
  • Over 600K in visitors for 2019
  • Daily views have increased steadily, with over 2500 visitors yesterday.
  • Somehow, still awarded top 60 blog sites for Oracle database blogs with all that Microsoft content…:)

Microsoft Employment for 2019:

  • My mobile office worked in 25 states, not even going to count how many locations.
  • Traveled to 37 customer locations
  • Working regularly with over 70 higherEd institutions and a number of K-12 customers on analytics and AI
  • Presented at 3 EdTech conferences
  • Contributed 4 blogs posts to the Microsoft SQL Server/Azure blog
  •  2 role redesigns to make the Oracle work I was doing “official”, (you rock, Denny Ramsey- Thank you for being an awesome boss!)
  • Over 70 projects either migrating Oracle from on-prem to Azure IaaS or part of the Oracle Cloud/Azure partnership.
  • Accepted a new engineering role in Customer Success starting on January 1st, 2020.



I love me a great SQL Saturday and this year I presented at 19 of them!  Its a few down from 2018, when I was an evangelist, but the number is still considerable.  I love getting to present to different audiences, hang out with my #SQLFamily and the opportunity to learn new things.  One of my goals for 2019 at Microsoft was to see if there was interest from the Oracle community in Power BI, so I presented at two Oracle events, RMOUG and KSCOPE to gauge response.  I really enjoyed these sessions, as I got to do something very knew with the technology and also had the opportunity to visit with my Oracle peeps.

I also presented at three sessions at PASS Summit this year.  I love this conference and really appreciate that they’ve let me continue to be an official blogger.  I gave up this year on keeping up with the social events-  there’s just too many and no one has that amount of energy at my age.  I did what I could, seriously.


I started my WIT book, “Crushing the IT Gender Bias” in June, 2018.  I had just started at Microsoft, so it was an awesome time to start a book, too, (not.)  As much as I put in it, of course I can now think of so much more that should have been added.  I was really surprised the difference in audience and how often I see it in book stores and libraries.  It’s just very different from my technical books in where it will end up, which results in you feeling proud and vulnerable all at the same time.

I still owe Simple Talk a few more submissions to finish up the Linux series.  The book for Packt came in and stole much of my writing time and at some point, I’ll need to get my content finishes, but luckily, each of the series is stand alone, so everything I add is just gravy to the mashed potatoes posted. </p />

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