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#24HOP and PASS Summit 2019

You know how busy I am by the amount of time I DON’T blog and yes, it’s been over a month.  I think that’s the longest I haven’t blogged in YEARS.

24 HOP and Facebook Live

I just finished my 24HOP, (24 hrs of PASS) session back on September 9th, the PASS Facebook Live session this last Monday and I’m thrilled with these virtual events each year I get the chance to participate. If you’re not familiar with 24HOP, its a preview of some of the sessions at Summit, the annual tech conference from PASS.  Twenty four presenters are chosen to offer a preview on their talk.  As mine is on Linux Scripting, I decided to do a tips and tricks session that had three goals:

  1. Offer a session that would harmonize well with the one that I will give at Summit, but still be different.
  2. Have a session that those who weren’t learning BASH could still benefit from with high level best practices for scripting in any language.
  3. Provide some great tips and tricks that really made the session stand out and those technical tidbits that you couldn’t easily find elsewhere.

I’ve already uploaded my slides to slide share to ensure they’ve available to everyone and thank everyone for the great interaction, questions and kudos on the session.  As always, I’m thrilled to be part of the Microsoft community and look forward to the Summit conference.

Facebook Live is different, where they choose Experts to a 1/2 hr live session, where attendees can ask any questions of the expert to answer, hopefully in their area of expertise.  For me, this is additional challenge as I’m still straddling multiple areas of technology, including Oracle migrations to Azure, Power BI, database, Linux and DevOps.  The session was a lot of fun and the recording will be available going forward on the PASS Facebook page.

PASS Summit

at this year’s PASS Summit, I’ll have two sessions, which are both part of learning pathways.  The first is the Linux Learning Pathway, to be presented by Hamish Watson, Randolph West and me.  Where Hamish will cover Linux fundamentals in the first session, I’ll cover scripting and then Randolph will cover advanced Linux during the third session.  The three of these presentations should provide a solid focus on Linux vs. many sessions that just focus on how to manage SQL Server on Linux.

The other learning pathway that I’ll be part of is professional leadership.  I’ll be part of the first step, focused on Becoming a technical leader with Denise McInerney.  I’m looking forward to both of these sessions and along with blogging duties and panel sessions, no counting the social gatherings, I should be in a coma for approximately a week following the event.

Oh, did I mention I was speaking at SQL Saturday Oregon the weekend before and taking the SQL Train down?  Oh, yeah, I’m going to be dead afterwards, forget the coma…:)


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