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Ad – Oracle Database 12c Release 1 and 2: New Performance Features

In the past I gave a number of 1-day seminars about the new performance features available in Oracle Database 12c Release 1. On the 22nd of February, for the first time, I’ll give an updated version of that seminar with content about both Release 1 and Release 2. Note that because there is more content, I extended it from one day to two days.

The seminar in February is a Live Virtual Class organized by Oracle University. Since on the Oracle University’s website no detail information about the content is yet available, you can find it below… To register visit this page. If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask.


With every new release of the Oracle Database, a number of features aimed at improving performance are introduced. It goes without saying that 12c is no exception to the rule. This seminar will teach you what to expect from these performance features once you have upgraded to Oracle Database 12c Release 1 or Release 2.


This seminar will introduce you to key performance improvements in four areas. First, the query optimizer has been enhanced not only by the introduction of adaptive query optimization techniques, but also with improvements in object statistics, and query transformations. Second, new or enhanced data structures related to concepts like partial indexes, materialized views, zone maps, and attribute clustering are available. Third, In-Memory option features like in-memory column store and in-memory aggregation. Finally, version 12.2 introduces approximate query processing.


• Understand the new performance features from a practical point of view
• Gain insight in the challenges related to these features.


• Query optimizer (adaptive query optimization, object statistics, plan stability, query transformations)
• Data structures (indexes, partitioning, materialized views, zone maps, attribute clustering)
• In-memory option (in-memory column store, in-memory aggregation)
• Approximate query processing


Performance analysts, database administrators, application developers, as well as consultants who want to improve their skills in the new performance features provided by Oracle Database 12c Release 1 and Release 2.


Participants are expected to have a working knowledge with Oracle Database 11g.