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Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting Guide, Part 8: Even more detailed latch troubleshooting using LatchProfX

In my last AOT post I published my LatchProf script which is able to sample detailed latchholder data from V$LATCHHOLDER.

Latchprof allows you to drill down into your latching problems at session level (which V$LATCH, V$LATCH_PARENT and V$LATCH_CHILDREN can’t do). It allows you to get valuable details about individual sessions who are holding a latch the most, therefore likely contributing to the latch contention problem the most.

However after you have discovered the troublemaking session, then what next? One way forward is looking into V$SESSTAT counters using Snapper tool. Depending on what latch is the problematic one, you would look for different stats like various buffer get stats for cache buffers chains latches and parsing/executing stats when looking into library cache latches. However if those stats look “normal”, is there any other way do drill down further?

Yeah, there is and lets look into it!