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All Systems Go…

Earlier today I started to write a mega-rant about the total chaos that is currently my life, but before I got to post it the situation has changed quite a bit.

  • I’ve been having a panic about addresses (or lack of addresses to be more precise) of hotels and venues for the Asia-Pacific OU trip I start tomorrow. This morning I got all that information, so I know what to do when I land at the airport now. Stress -=1
  • I’ve been having a panic about the flights because the invoices I’ve received suggest I’ve paid for flights I’m not taking, and not paid for flights I am taking. This concerns me because on two occasions in the past I’ve turned up at check-in desks only to be told my flights are confirmed but not paid for. Well I’ve just got revised invoices that list all flights I am taking. I’m still not sure how the numbers stack up because I think the new invoices only list additional costs for flight changes compared to the originals, rather than explicit costs per flight, but I can deal with that later. Stress -=1
  • My dad died nearly three years ago and I’m about to post a letter that marks the end of my role as Executor of his Will. Stress -= 1

I will now keep my fingers and toes crossed that nothing new comes out of the woodwork…