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I’ve popped this to the top of the stack because OUG Scotland is only a couple of weeks away:

I’m going to be at the OUG Scotland conference on 22nd June, and one of my sessions is a panel session on Optimisation where I’ll be joined by Joze Senegacnik, Carl Dudley, Heli Helskyaho and Kai Yu.

The panel is NOT restricted to questions about how the cost based optimizer works (or not), we’re prepared to tackle any questions about making Oracle work faster (or more efficiently – which is not always the same thing). This might be configuration, indexing, other infrastructure etc.; and if we haven’t got a clue we can always ask the audience.

To set the ball rolling on the day it would be nice to have a few questions in advance, preferably from the audience but any real-world problems will be welcome and (probably) relevant to the audience. If you have a question that you think suitable please email it to me or add it as a comment below. Ideally a question will be fairly short and be relevant to many people; if you have to spend a long time setting the scene and supplying lots of specific detail then it’s probably a question that an audience (and the panel) would not be able to follow closely enough to give relevant help.

Update 29th April

I’ve already had a couple of questions in the comments and a couple by email – but keep them coming.