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APEX 5.1 is Here!

It’s here! Without much fanfare APEX 5.1 became available for download on December 21, 2016! With all the holiday stuff going on I missed it until after the first of the year.

Here’s where you can download APEX 5.1 and find out more:

APEX 5.1 is a significant release and should be pretty stable considering the long beta program and early adopter programs it went through.

Major new features include:

  1. Interactive Grid
    “Live editing” of reports/pages brought to a whole new level
  2. JET Charts
    Oracle JET brings an organized approach to JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5 to improve data display
  3. Universal Theme
    Universal Theme has new templates, new styles, over 1100 icons, and “Live Template” options
  4. Page Designer
    Page Designer is even easier adding a component view and the ability to view two panes at once including drag-and-drop between the panes!
  5. Calendars
    Calendars now allow JavaScript customization and now INCLUDE end dates
  6. Wizards Improved
    Several wizards have been improved to reduce steps necessary to get things done
  7. New Packaged Apps
    APEX include brand-new apps for Competitive Analysis, Quick SQL, and REST Client Assistant; plus the sample and productivity apps have all been refreshed

So, download APEX 5.1 and give it a try soon!