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APEX upgrade – don’t forget your CDN

I haven’t dug too deep into this one, so what follows may be just coincidental but I thought I would blog it out just in case it happens to anyone else.

While testing AskTOM as part of our Application Express upgrade to version 20.1, I got a bit of a shock when I fired up AskTOM (in a testing environment) after the upgrade. The screen was … well…. “slim”. Smile



Everything under the banner tabs was missing! A quick look at the underlying page source revealed that all of the usual AskTOM content was indeed there, but it was just not being displayed on screen. I tried the usual things – clearing cookies and caches, different browsers etc, all to no avail. The moment I signed in to AskTOM, the main part of the screen disappeared.

Whilst looking in the browser console area I noticed that my static CDN references were still pointing to the APEX 19 version location. I didn’t think this was the issue, but figured it was something that I should be updating anyway. You can find the static CDN references under User Interface in your application properties.


I updated the reference to and voila! My AskTOM screens sprang back to life.


Was this definitely the root cause of the problem? I’m not sure. There is more investigating for me to do there. But if you encounter a similar issue during your upgrade testing, make sure you double check that you are using the correct version of your static CDN files.

Note that you can also set your CDN at instance level so that you don’t need to update each application.

Enjoy APEX 20 !