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Bacon, Bloggin’ and First Day Keynote at PASS Summit 2019!

After a flurry of release announcements at MSIgnite this week, it was time to talk about the technology at a deeper level at PASS Summit.  I love this event, which has my undying loyalty due to the sheer amount of technical focus on everything in the Microsoft data platform and of course, was not disappointed with the first day keynote on Wednesday!

We started out with a great treat of information before the keynote, just so we were prepared for what was to come in the next couple days…plus bacon!

Grant Says

Grant Fritchey started the keynote by welcoming all the attendees and talking about how impressive the event has been even though its just started!  I have to admit, it’s the first day and I could use a nap.  It’s pretty impressive with the amount of networking and technical socializing that happens at the conference.

Keynote Speaker Rohan Kumar

Rohan Kumar is the Corporate VP over Azure Data and is one of those people that is a symbol of what I see inside Microsoft everyday-  engaged, enthusiastic and fully understanding of the unified vision of the technology.  Unlike previous years, the Microsoft folks weren’t held back by waits on releases at MS Ignite, so instead, they were able to dig in deep to what the announcements meant to us as the professionals using the technology.  I. LOVE. THAT.

We’ve been waiting impatiently for SQL Server 2019, but we’re able to talk about not what is private preview or what might become part of the GA release, but what IS in the GA release!  Discussing the importance of the changes and focuses with how SQL Server 2019 will be the management layer over your datalakes, ability to use T-SQL, Python and everything in-between.

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