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Basicfile LOBs

I wrote a short series a little while ago about some of the nasty things that can happen (and can’t really be avoided) with Basicfile LOBs and recently realised that it needed a directory entry so that I didn’t have to supply 6 URLs if I wanted to point someone to it; so here’s the catalogue:

At some stage I may also write a similar series about Securefile LOBs – because you do hit problems if you have a system that does a lot of work modifying a LOB segment whether or not it’s Basicfile or Securefile, and you need a strategy for damage limitation.


At the time of creating this catalogue I’ve had an SR open with Oracle for about 4 months on the problem that triggered this series, basically asking if there was a way to limit the number of chunks that could be taken off the reusable part of the index. So far I haven’t had an answer to that question; however the client was able to switch the table into a partitioned table and now drops old partitions rather than deleting old data.