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Hotsos 2012:
One of the session’s I attended yesterday (6th March) was Karen Morton speaking about grouping in SQL. Karen is a member of the Oak Table network, knows what she’s talking about, and speaks well. So you’ll be pleased to hear that one of the first slide she showed was about an offer from Apress for the book Pro Oracle SQL that she co-authored with several other members of the Oak Table.

Until April 8th, if you supply the code OR4SQ8 when you order this book from Apress you get a 40% discount on the price.

I haven’t been able to find an officlal statement of this fact online, or a confirmation for the code; and Karen wasn’t 100% sure whether the deal applied to the hard copy, electronic copy, or both; but when Apress did something similar for Oracle Core the code did apply to the hard copy.