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Cache buffers chains latch contention troubleshooting using latchprofx.sql example

Laurent Demaret has written a good article about how he systematically troubleshooted cache buffers chains latch contention, starting from wait interface and drilling down into details with my latchprofx tool:

A common cause for cache buffers chains latch contention is that some blocks are visited and re-visited way too much by a query execution. This usually happens due to nested loops joins or FILTER loops retrieving many rows from their outer (driving) row sources and then visiting the inner row-source again for each row from driving row source. Once you manage to fix your execution plan (perhaps by getting a hash join instead of the loop), then the blocks will not be re-visited so much and the latches will be hammered much less too.

The moral of the story is that if you have latch contention in a modern Oracle database, you don’t need to start tweaking undocumented latching parameters, but reduce the latch usage instead. And Laurent has done a good job with systematically identifying the SQL that needs to be fixed.

Good stuff!

If you don’t know what LatchProfX is, read this: