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Can you Apply redo to import? asks:


i am new to the world of dba, so i wanted to ask that is it possible to apply redo logs after a import for recovery as we do apply redo logs after restoring from backup files. i know import is kind of a logical thing and backup files are physical copy. so redo logs cant be applied on after import. what i want to know is, is there any way we can do it, if not whynot?(another reason apart from the above : ) )


An export is not a true backup and does not restore the data files.  An export is a logical point in time copy of data.  A true backup is a physical image of the database data files.  The archived redo logs are applied during the recovery phase after the database data files are restored to bring the database to a consistent state.  The redo logs contain file, block, and offset information to restore a physical image back to the way it was.
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