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Just a little whimsy – the most famous (misquoted?) line from the fairy-tale in the title is (probably) “you shall go to the ball”.

Despite having all my abstracts rejected I will be speaking at OOW 2013, courtesy of “the Optimizer Lady”, Maria Colgan.

Oracle Optimizer Boot Camp: 10 Optimizer Tips You Can’t Do Without [CON8643]

Jonathan Lewis – Sole Proprietor, JL Computer Consultancy
Maria Colgan – Master Product Manager, Oracle

It has long been felt that the internals of the Oracle optimizer are shrouded in mystery and that a degree in wizardry is required to be able to make it do the right thing. This session aims to dispel this myth once and for all by showing the process of analyzing and solving 10 of the most common SQL execution performance problems. These problems include poor cardinality estimations, bind peeking issues, selecting the wrong access method, and many more. Through clear how-to examples, you will learn how to identify and quickly resolve these issues and add 10 new tricks to your SQL tuning arsenal.