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Being a very reserved British type of character I’m not really one to make a big fuss about advertising myself, which is why it’s taken me five years to realise that I ought to make it easy for people to find the free download of Chapter 5 (Clustering Factor) of Cost Based Oracle Fundamentals.

Apress changes the relevant URL from time to time, and I’ve just discovered that they’ve now bundled the pdf file of the chapter into this  zip file.

The thing that prompted me to post this special note was that some time ago Mohamed Houri translated the chapter into French as a gesture of appreciation for the fact that I had written the book and Apress has given me permission to post the translation, which is this pdf file.

While I’m on the topic of French translations I’ll just add a temporary note to point people to the listing of articles translated into French by Franck Pachot, where I’ve just added seven new items, five of mine and two from Greg Rahn.