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I have a permanent job at the NetCracker‘s System Performance group. Recently I was offered to do one day job outside, on-site in another company, which coincidentally has an office close to NetCracker’s Moscow office. It was an opportunity to apply my skills in a completely different situation which I couldn’t miss; plus I’ve never done public presentations before and this was a good occasion to practice that. Here I’d like to write down some notes how the event went.

2 or 3 weeks before the event I’ve got the list of topics to work on. It included several Java and Oracle subjects. I’ve offered couple of topics myself too. The preparation went well although it took a lot of time to make some slides (which I don’t really like doing hence as a result slides look clumsy. Just as my blog :)) and to put together meaningful examples. In fact I didn’t prepare everything in the volume I thought about initially because of the time – and as it turned out it was right decision. I didn’t practice presentations even though I tried. Each time I’ve tried I took different ways to describe same things so I’ve decided to go unprepared and see how it will go. Since I have clear understanding of what I’m talking about and had a plan in slides it wasn’t so hard. What was a bit of a problem I didn’t know what to expect from the audience and how to keep the balance between interesting and boring slides. Both problems didn’t materialize and were somehow avoided </p />

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