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Data virtualization on SQL Server with Redgate SQL Clone

By Franck Pachot

In the previous blog post I’ve installed SQL Server on the Oracle Cloud. My goal was actually to have a look at Redgate SQL Clone, a product that automates thin cloning. The SQL Server from the Oracle marketplace is ok for SQL Clone prerequisites. There’s a little difference in .NET Framework version (I have 4.6 where 4.7.2 or later is required but that’s fine – if it was not an update would be easy anyway).

I’ve downloaded Redgate SQL Clone (14 days trial) and installed it. It requires a logon that you can create easily. Of course, you provide an e-mail, and when you use the trial, someone from Business Development will contact you to know your feedback and what your project is. No problem, I have already very good contacts at Redgate even if I’m not working with SQL Server very often. Look at their roadmap if you are interested by other databases </p />

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