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If you’ve been keeping an eye on my Public Appearances page you’ll know that I am scheduled to go on line with Kyle Hailey for a second (more technical) discussion about Delphix and virtual databases on 19th June (tomorrow). If you haven’t registered, there’s still time to do so. It’s scheduled for 5:00 pm (BST), which makes it 9:00 am in San Francisco.

For an idea of the points we’ll cover, here’s a link with a draft agenda that Kyle Hailey has posted.

Update 1: Delphix have got 10 copies of Oracle Core to give away and they’ve decide to give one to every 10th registrant (until stocks run out) for the webinar.

Update 2: Over the last few days Kyle Hailey has been writing a short series comparing the commonest technologies currently available for Virtual Databases (or “Thin cloning”):