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Update: I’ve been trying to embed the recording of the presentation in this note, but haven’t quite got there yet; however here’s a URL for the recording.


I’ve often found in my travels that I’ve come up with a (potential) solution to a problem and wanted to test it “right now” – only to run onto the horns of a dilemma. A typical client offers me one of two options:

  • Option 1: test it on the production system – which is generally frowned on, and sometimes I can’t even get access to the production system anyway.
  • Option 2: test it on something that looks nothing like the production system – and hope that that’s in some way a valid test.

The first option – when it’s offered – is quite stressful, especially if the original performance problem had involved updates; the second option – which is the commoner offer – is also quite stressful because it’s quite hard to prove that the fix is doing what it’s supposed and that it will do it at the expected speed when it gets promoted to production. What I’d really like to do is clone the production system and run tests and demonstrations on the clone. In fact, that’s exactly what does happen in some rare cases – but then it usually takes several hours (or couple of days) rather than the few minutes I’d prefer to wait.

This is why I like Delphix and why I’m prepared to say so whenever I see a need for it on a client site. It’s also why I’ve agreed to do a little on-line webinar about the product on Thursday 18th Sept at 10:00 am Pacific Time (6:00 pm UK time). The event is free, but you need to register to attend.


Disclosure:  The company paid me to visit their premises in Menlo Park CA last year so that I could experiment with their product and talk to their technical staff, without requesting any right to edit or limit any review I might subsequently publish about their product. The company has also paid me for my time for Thursday’s webinar but, again, has made no attempt to exercise editorial control over the content.