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Delphix trial version available for first time : #CloneAttack

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Delphix is now hosting a community board for the hands on lab called Landshark


At Oracle Open World we will be leading hands on labs to install a fully operation Delphix environment on your laptop.

The labs will be hosted at the Creativity Museum, the same location as Oaktable World on Tuesday Sept 30 from 10am to 5pm. Solarwinds Confio and DBvisit will also beholding #MonitorAttack and #RepAttack in the same location.

The labs for Delphix will be led by

  • #24890d;" title="@KyleHailey" href="" target="_blank">Kyle Hailey
  • #24890d;" title="@OracleAlchemist" href="" target="_blank">Steve Karam
  • #24890d;" title="@CloudSurgeon" href="" target="_blank">Adam Bowen
  • #24890d;" title="@BenPrusinski" href="" target="_blank">Ben Prusinski
  • #24890d;" title="@OracleAlchemist" href="" target="_blank">Tim Gorman

We will provide automated install scripts along with 3 OVA files for the following VMs:

  • Linux Source (CentOS 6.5) 1.8 GB OVA file,   19GB installed 
    • Oracle 11G R2 datafiles
  • Linux Target (CentOS 6.5) 1.2 GB OVA file, 4GB installed
  • Delphix 4.1.2  , 3.1 GB OVA file, #222222;">10GB installed
    • Oracle timeflow of a  Linux Employee WebDB
    • Application timeflow of a Linux Employee WebApp

These VMs require each 2GB memory and 1vCPU


  • #222222;">Pre-download for “Download Linux x86-64″  from Oracle site
  • Mac: VMware Fusion (free trial version #24890d;" title="download" href="" target="_blank">download)
  • Win: VMware Workstation (free trial version #24890d;" title="download" href="" target="_blank">download)
  • Win: Cygwin download
  • at least 8 GB RAM
  • at least 50 GB free disk space, but preferably 100 GB free
  • at least 2 Ghz CPU, preferably dual-core or better


To get up and running you will need to have VMware fusion for Mac or VMware Workstation for Windows. We will provide these files if you need them and installation is a double click. You should bring the Oracle 11gR1 ( install zips. With these zips, our install will automatically install Oracle on the Target and Source machine, and start up a database on the source machine. From there you can make virtual databases in minutes from the source, do rollback, refresh etc of virtual databases. The install will come on a USB stick and from there all you have to do is

  1. #222222;">Import the OVAs into VMWare (right click on OVA, chose open with VMware Fusion)
  2. #222222;">Note IP Address on the boot screen of each VM (via Console)
  3. #222222;">Download the Oracle install for “Linux x86-64″
  4. #222222;">execute (from directory with Oracle install zip files)
    • On MAC
    • On PC
    • On Linux
  5. #222222;">Login to the Delphix Admin portal
  6. #222222;">Go to Manage->Environments
  7. #222222;">Choose the appropriate environment and then change the Host Address to the IP address from step 4
  8. #222222;">Refresh Environment

Once installed we will have a set of exercises that will show you some of the power of virtualized data.




Here is a video showing the lab setup. A later video will show some exercises we can do with the lab setup.

Here is a video of an exercise to do on the lab VMs after install