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Determining What Management Packs Are Needed

In Enterprise Manager 12c, there was a little known functionality where you could check what management packs you needed to be licensed for to use a particular page in Enterprise Manager. I referred to it many times at conferences I was presenting at, and almost always people did not realize the functionality existed. Let’s see how this works.

To start with, I’m going to go to the Performance Home page for a particular database (accessed via the Performance menu from the Database home page). Note I’m not particularly interested in what it shows me, I’m just using this as an example of a page that requires the licensing of a management pack. Once I’m on that page, I can follow the path Setup -> Management Packs -> Packs for this Page:

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Once I click on Packs for this Page, I see the following:

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There are a couple of other useful options off the Management Packs page as well. Firstly, the “Licensing Information” menu item shows you a complete list of the management packs, including their abbreviations and a description. Note that it’s the Licensing Guide that is actually the source of truth for licensing information, but information listed on this page should match the licensing doc, or it’s a bug. </p />

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