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If you’ve followed my YouTube channel, you’ll know I include a clip of people from the community saying “.com” at the start of each video. It’s just a silly tradition, and it allows me to give a shout out to other people.

When I started the channel I used to record loads of these at conferences, but I acquired so many I stopped doing it, until I could get through what I already had. I have now used all of them…

If you would like to star in a video, please do the following:

  • Drop me an email with your video clip saying “.com”. You know my name is “tim” and my website is “”, so you can guess my email address.
  • Please say “.com” 2 or 3 times with a 1 second gap between them.
  • In the email give me your name and social media links, so I can include them in the video description and associated blog post. I am terrible with names, even people I’ve met a lot, so don’t count on me remembering your name. <br />

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