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Do you like to watch TV? Watch Enkitec.TV from now on! :-)

I’m happy to announce Enkitec TV which is a video channel/aggregator of some of the coolest stuff we do here at Enkitec. I have uploaded some of my videos there, including the previously unpublished Oracle parameters infrastructure hacking session and Kerry’s & Cary’s E4 Exadata interview is available there as well!

I’ll be posting more of my hacking sessions (hopefully shorter ones!!!) there in the future – and so will other fellow Oracle-Exadata-and-Big-Data geeks of Enkitec too!

I think video is so much better for communicating certain types of demos, use cases and examples (and interviews) – so instead of writing extremely long blog articles in the future, I will likely just record a video (and let others do the hard work of writing later on ;-)

So, sit back, grab a beer (or coffee) and enjoy Enkitec.TV!


Note that it’s possible to subscribe to the iTunes podcast too: