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Docker and Windows 10 with 1709 Patch aka Killing Me Slowly

So I transitioned in the last years from having a development lab, to VMs, to the cloud and now, tired of slow WiFi, been happily using Docker for most of my demos.  As of January, the latest upgrade to Windows 10, aka patch version 109, has been like a bad cat fight.

For anyone else using Docker on Windows, it’s very likely that the error “MobyLinuxVM failed to start worker process” is a bane of your existence.  After exhausting the standard attempt to uninstall whatever patches were applied by Microsoft, and post researching a solution, you’d discover its more of a perfect storm, than a single cause.  For me, it includes an anti-virus software that has a tamper-proof mechanism on it.  It’s one of those times I want to shoot myself for following company policy… </p />

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