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The evaluations for UKOUG 2012 are in – though perhaps not all of them have been loaded into the “Speaker Lounge” yet. I’m fairly pleased with my scores.  On a range of 1 – 6:

Presentation skills: 5.8, 5.79, and 5.72

Of course I have to say that great presentation skills don’t necessarily mean that the presentation was good. I’ve seen a couple of presentations in the past where the presenter was brilliant at communicating his topic – unfortunately at least half of what he  said was wrong. Conversely I’ve sat through a few presentations where the material was brilliant, but the presenter just needed lots more practice.

Fortunately I think the following scores show that it wasn’t all show and no substance:

Content Evaluation: 5.56, 5.36, 5.28

My favourite comment: on my B-trees masterclass that lasted 1 hour 50 minutes: “It should have lasted 2 hr 30″. I gave the audience a break at half time – it’s very gratifying when you do that and most of the audience come back when there are competing presentations that they could go to.