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FARNHAM for US Senate Campaign 4 Hashtags, 3 Key concepts

One of my friends noticed that I am trying to push forward campaign finance reform by trying to win without a TV media budget, and he asked what was my hash tag. DOH! I should have created hash tags long ago. Okay, there is still time to go viral. I’ve registered four hash tag definitions with, and I’ll explain them here, first with just the snapshot definitions I could get to stick without the site complaining : Stop! You’re posting too fast and then with the full story as individual blog posts. Hang in there. This is important.

Oh, and my top priority is establishing the #SAFE_DEAL.


A system where the government makes sure all persons legally resident start with a base minimum income of at least the poverty level and get to retain at least 65 cents on each dollar they earn. See for the details.


When you hear an airbag politician decry the income gap between the poorest and the richest, they are talking about the wrong_gap. The correct_gap for the government to be concerned about is the gap between the poorest and the poverty level. See for more details.


The best way to put money and power in the hands of criminals is to make something popular illegal. We should have learned this from the prohibition. We are now 40 years into the “War On Drugs” and we have thus created DRUG LORDS and DRUG LORD CARTELS more powerful than most small countries and powerful enough to destabilize regions of Mexico. If you want to take money and power away from the DRUG LORDS and if you want to end the profitability of marketing drugs so we will have less addiction, make it all legal, no matter how vile the drug. See for more details.