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Flexible sampling of any V$ or X$ view with sample.sql

In recent past I’ve blogged few scripts which use specially crafted ordered nested loop for sampling contents of V$ and X$ views fast, with plain SQL.

If you haven’t read them yet, here are the links:

I wrote the above scripts having special purposes in mind (e.g. profile session waits or latching activity).

Now I introduce a simple but powerful sqlplus script for ad-hoc sampling of any V$ view. It’s called…. (drumroll) …. sample.sql :)

When you look into it, the script is actually very simple. It’s just using power of sqlplus substitution variables, I can pass the sampled column and table names and sampling conditions in to the script dynamically.

The basic syntax is:

@sample column_name table_name filter_condition num_samples

For example, let say I have a session which executes lots of SQL statements in a loop and I want to have a quick overview of what’s the TOP SQL statement for a session right now.