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Getting Started...

An oft asked question is: "how do I get started". As in getting started in IT, in programming, in database development - whatever.

You can check out some answers to that question from various opinion holders - including people such as Jonathan Lewis, Arup Nanda, myself and others in this months NoCOUG Journal.
This months journal is "unique" and somewhat special to me. See if you can guess why. I'll make it interesting - if you can post a comment here stating why this months journal is special (to me) - I'll send you an autographed copy of "Expert Oracle Database Architecture - 2nd edition". You'll need to include some method of contacting you (suggest a disposable email address if you don't want to post your real one).
The NoCOUG Journal team is of course not invited to this little contest as they already know the answer :)
UPDATED: Congratulations to Dave K. for correctly pointing out that my son Alan took the picture that is the cover of the journal this month!