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Gluent New World #04: Next Generation Oracle Database Architectures using Super-Fast Storage with James Morle

Update: The video recording is available in Vimeo (see below)

Other relevant reading is James’es Sane SAN 2010 whitepaper and his legendary book!

It’s time to announce the 4th episode of Gluent New World webinar series by James Morle! James is a database/storage visionary and has been actively contributing to Oracle database scene for over 20 years – including his unique book Scaling Oracle 8i that gave a full-stack overview of how different layers of your database platform worked and performed together.

The topic for this webinar is:

When the Rules Change: Next Generation Oracle Database Architectures using Super-Fast Storage


  • James Morle has been working in the high performance database market for 25 years, most of which has been spent working with the Oracle database. After 15 years running Scale Abilities in the UK, he now leads the Oracle Solutions at DSSD/EMC in Menlo Park.


  • Tue, Jun 21, 2016 12:00 PM – 1:15 PM CDT


  • When enabled with revolutionary storage performance capabilities, it becomes possible to think differently about physical database architecture. Massive consolidation, simplified data architectures, more data agility and reduced management overhead. This presentation, based on the DSSD D5 platform, includes performance and cost comparison with other platforms and shows how extreme performance is not only for extreme workloads.

Register here:

This should be fun! As usual, I’ll be asking some questions myself and the audience can ask questions too. See you soon!

NB! I am running one more Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting training in 2018! You can attend the live online training and can download personal video recordings too. The Part 1 starts on 29th January 2018 - sign up here!