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Hadoop for Database Professionals class at NoCOUG Fall Conference on 9th Nov

If you happen to be in Bay Area on Thursday 9th November, then come check out the NoCOUG Fall Conference in California State University in downtown Oakland, CA.

Gluent is delivering a Hadoop for Database Professionals class as a separate track there (with myself and Michael Rainey as speakers) where we’ll explain the basics & concepts of modern distributed data processing platforms and then show a bunch of Hadoop demos too (mostly SQL-on-Hadoop stuff that database folks care about).

This should be a useful class to attend if you are wondering why all the buzz about Hadoop and various distributed “Big Data” computing technologies – and where do these technologies work well (and not work) in a traditional enterprise. All explained using database professionals’ terminology. And there’s a networking event in the end!

You can check out the event agenda here and can RSVP at If you aren’t already a NoCOUG member, you can still attend for free as a Gluent Guest using the secret code…. “GLUENT” :-)

See you soon!