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How to pass from a TABLE to a Matrix of Anydata. to pass a Matrix of Anydata to TABLE

jaume valls asks:


How to pass from a TABLE to a Matrix of Anydata. to pass a Matrix of Anydata to TABLE.


I wonder if you should really want something like you are implying via your question. The ANYDATA datatype is a beast with a lot of issues, performance wise, and conceptually. In principal its a black hole which is used as a storage mechanism.
I liked the challenge though to see if I could with my strange specialism, XMLDB, which is mainly based on the XMLTYPE datatype, could create a kind of solution. Its probably not what you wanted, but then again, I think my initial approach, that is creating a XML document based on a select, also has its charmes, if not only that an XMLTYPE datatype can consume a ANYDATA datatype and show its contents.
If you know which format you put in, then based on this XML approach, you can also get it converted into relational content again. You don't have to be that specific. As show via one of the statements, you can always see the content via the XMLType format, even if you don't know what you put in. I am not sure though if this for all those wild datatypes out there will work.
Its just example that triggers maybe some ideas of how to solve your problem, the exercise shown is probably not performance wise the most wanted one... You have been warned.
Marco Gralike