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International Woman Traveling with a 16in Carry-on

I travel and a seriously good amount.  I will present at about 35-40 events, attend company functions/meetings and this year with a considerable amount of those outside of the Denver area, this means I’ll be on a plane around 5-6 trips per month.

Women commonly pack more, but I receive a few comments per my average three day trip on how I’m able to travel with a 16 inch carry-on.  I’m picking up new tricks every day, but the one thing I’ve come to learn, once you find a great travel trick, you have a tendency to look no further so I thought I’d share and hopefully it will provide value to others who travel.  These tips and tricks aren’t just for the women travelers, either, so guys, please do read on.  I’ll make sure to include links to anything I’m able to as I build out this post and may revisit it to add updates as I come across new products or tips.


So it took me a while, but as varied as my trips can be, I have two suitcases and two backpacks.  They’re all carry-on size, as I would sooner give up my right hand than my baggage to the airlines.  I shop primarily at TJ Maxx and when in Europe, I love looking around as they have the most awesome bags that are FUNCTIONAL and small.  I hate waste and bling will annoys the heck out of me… </p />

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