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It’s That Time Again! Time for OOW2016!

Yes, it’s that crazy time of the year again, when the city of San Francisco turns red – it’s Oracle Open World (OOW) 2016! If you’re planning on going this year, I hope you have your hotel room booked, because they disappear very, VERY quickly!

Every year just before OOW, the product teams produce what we call Focus On documents, that show you all the sessions (both customer and Oracle presented) around a particular area. This year is, of course, no different in that respect, so if you want to know what’s coming up in the Enterprise Manager space, you can do no better than going directly to our Focus on Enterprise Manager document. Likewise, there is a Focus on Oracle Management Cloud document, for those that are interested in the OMC space. These are living, breathing documents, so as changes are made (whether those changes be changes in time, room allocation, speaker, whatever) they will be automatically propagated to the relevant Focus on document, so remember to come back and check on them regularly.

Database Lifecycle Management and Database Cloud Management

The documents linked to above cover all of EM / OMC. The group that I’m in has responsibility for a more focused area, which covers Database Lifecycle Management (DBLM) and Database Cloud Management, so of course these areas are of more interest to most people! </p />

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