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Job Interview…

I went for a job interview today… (pause while Debra Lilley picks herself off the floor)

It’s probably been about 8 years since I’ve had a formal interview like this. I admit I was a little nervous going in, but it turned out to be pretty good fun.

It started with a 1 hour written exam. It’s been about 20 years since I’ve written more than a signature with a pen, so having to write with a pen for 1 hour was pretty terrifying. I’m not big on remembering syntax (that’s what the manuals are for :) ), but hopefully I showed that I understood what was going on. Some of the questions could have been answered with “Read this:….”. Pity that wasn’t an option. :)

After the written exam came a regular interview. I like interviews. I like talking to people about technical stuff, so I had a good time. I hope they did too. Nobody fell asleep and I didn’t see any ears bleeding, so I guess I didn’t bore them too much. I get quite “enthusiastic” when I’m talking about technology. I guess that can be a little daunting to some people. I hope I didn’t scare anybody off. :)

I guess it’s now down to them to decide if I’m a good fit for the job or if one of the other candidates will fit in better. Time will tell.

It would be really neat to get the job, but I’m lucky in so much as if I don’t get it, it will not really impact on my life, so I’m not tense about the outcome. Whatever will be, will be.



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